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Halil S. Tözün Ticaret is a trading company established in Northern Cyprus in 2023 and operating with its expert staff. "Tözün" is a well-established family business that has been providing professional service in the field of industrial and dry cleaning since 1989. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and self-confidence we have gained in this sense, we have brought our company, Halil S. Tözün Ticaret, which continues to grow, to the sector in a very short time.

We have undertaken the TRNC representation, promotion, distribution and sales of Dr Pepper products. Our goal is to create a regular and stable product supply network and to bring together Dr Pepper varieties at the most reasonable prices.

The products we supply are of European origin and are produced in Europe Orangina Schweppes facilities in accordance with food standards and human consumption.


PRODUCT CATEGORIESWe are proud to deliver the products we franchise to our customers

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cok yakinda


cok yakinda



"Tözün" has existed in Northern Cyprus for exactly 34 years and we are assertive in our business because we have come to these days by doing our best in every condition required by the time. That's why we continue our work by making a difference in our field.

  • We know that the principles of business ethics and ethical rules form the basis of our business life.

  • We give our employees the right to speak and we value our respect for people above all else.

  • Our service quality and our customers are our focus in every business.

  • We adopt systematic and disciplined work in order to be sustainable in developing our business.

  • We think that saving time and finance increases the efficiency of our work.

  • We speak openly at every opportunity, discuss, make joint decisions, support teamwork.

  • We base our business life on happiness in our employees and quality in our service.

  • We develop projects, take decisions and implement them without hesitation of taking responsibility and making mistakes.

  • We believe that all our values guide us and reflect our vision.

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Küçük Sanayi Bölgesi, Çanakkale Mah. Famagusta / NORTH CYPRUS

Phone: (+90) 548 853 30 00

Email: [email protected]

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